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Abdurazak Reshid Adem (Abbdi)

Abbdi motivated by his uncle Ato Zayne Busser to join Circus Nazareth the local youth Circus at the age of  Eight, where he learned general circus arts including juggling and found his passion for circus.Afterwards,Abbdi moved from Nazareth to Addis Abeba and Abbdi found his Passion for Circus and worked his way to (Circus Ethiopia) and toured all over Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa as a touring youth circus. In 2001 he moved to Berlin and started to live in Germany, his roll model and his father is Mr. Gizaw Meshesha, the one who showed him how he has to manage his live in Germany(Europe) and started performing  all sorts of juggling (Bounce juggling, ring, faire and club juggling) for Variete and Galashows,From 2005 to 2009 he worked for the big top circus AFRIKA AFRIKA!, where he become one of the stars of this African Circus.Abbdis Performance become a more wide and wide from Africa to Europe,USA,Australia  and Asia!  Abbdi presented his talents to more than 35 African, European,Australian, Asian and USA  TV channels


 He belongs to the few highly talented bounce jugglers in the world. He is not only talented but he is also the only black bounce juggler at all, in the history of juggling who are reached the high proficient status of professionalism.

His positive aura, charisma and stage presence throws the public with in seconds in to a hypnotic ecstasy. He is the master of bounce juggling with 8-9 balls. As well as he let the ball dance with 8 balls air juggling. It does not stop there he can let the clubs swing. When he does his club juggling with up to five clubs. Abbdi dances while juggling and let the balls dance, with his talent to interpret the different types of music.
It does not matter if it is Rap/ Hip Hop or Pop, R&B or Jazz. He has his juggling balls completely under control to the rhythms of what ever music direction is being played. Abbdi is not only juggler but also a great acrobat.

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